Sassa is ready to pay R700 and R1050 tommorow this will happen to all beneficiary that are approved and the pay day date is showing 22 and filled on 20/07/2020 this means Sassa will combine your payment and pay all previous pending months. If sassa beneficiary is having two pending Months plus August it means this beneficiary will get payment of R1050 but if beneficiary is having one pending months plus August it means this beneficiary will get R700 and we hope that all beneficiary will get this in order. Most of beneficiary the don’t understand what happen to those who are getting R350 sometimes some get R700 and some get R1050 the only thing that determine your payment amount is how many pending Months do you have.

And to be honest if you don’t have pending Months you will receive R350 only there’s no bonus for this relief fund. Most of the people that already get R700 last months and R1050 this months the will get R350 only for August because the pending status already resolved and people must understand the statement correctly before the complain about Sassa .

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Mimi · August 21, 2020 at 3:33 pm

I never get any money

vanessa pulvenis · September 14, 2020 at 3:41 pm

good afternoon im so pissed at sassa i recived my first two payments for june and july why am i pending for august and september how does that work if you have been paid the first time why must we wait to be scand again they have all our details and bank details so why not just pay us
kind regards vanessa pulvenis

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